These are photos of when we were young. test
     LeeAnne and I met and enjoyed each others
company for a time. For those who never knew us
as we were this will give you a hint of what we have
done over the years.
This site is dedicated to the blending of our two families.
     Along with our time I also started taking photos. The first link is to those in Flickr.
 justoldphotog  This is also my user name on Flickr.
I got my first camera for my 12th birthday.
Perhaps some day I will include some of my first photos.
     We decided to start holding family reunions and give each of the children the opportunity to host a reunion at the time and location of their choosing. We have had some good times in varied locations. I will attempt to create a link here to photos from our reunions.
     From the links below you will be able to access  photos. I put them in groups based on families, sub families and events, times or things I like. In the event any of the links do not work, check back and/or drop me a line. I may have not updated the link after adding more photos.
This is a work under construction.
     I love my family. All of the Children and Grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
The past 26 years have been something to behold. Since I have retired we have traveled to many of your homes. Invite us for your family special occasions and we will make every effort to attend. You must be advised that we are operating on a first come first serve basis. If you anticipate a special event let us know well in advance. As far as weddings are concerned we will plan on making adjustments provided that we are not financially committed (tickets purchased) to some other travel, cruise or some other large expense we do not wish to lose.
Recently I was called to be the ward Emergency Preparedness guy. 
Clicking on the highlighted   EP  will take you to Preparedness links and information. Clicking on the
Emergency Prep. Form link below will access the form for copying.
I have started to build a number of different parts. Mother and dad have many photo links and history. I have started to 
scan all of their letters to each other. At least what I have or have copied. However do not expect the same level  for me.
There is no way I have saved the amount of letters and memorabilia they have. The only letters that have survived are letters
sent to mother from people I baptized. My hopes are to provide a record of my time here on earth.  I love my family and desire to
provide this record for all.
I have records from all the related families, mostly in photo form. There are some histories but mostly photos linked in the 
section below. When you click on my name or LeeAnne's or Jill's there is the beginning  of our histories. I would expect this to
take some time to complete, so come back often and see where I am. For the kids, James send me an email of the
photos that do not come up. Then I can correct any problems or at least reduce the resolution. Also I have most of the photos
on this web site in a high resolution scan. So if the photo ordered from Shutterfly is not as high of resolution as you would
like, send me an email stating which photo and I will reply with a higher resolution scan to your email.
Clicking on the VBF-87 link above will start the history of the VBF-87th. The  "Last Man Standing" as well as a few photos from the
men of the Bombing Fighting 87th by clicking here. My gratitude goes out to Jerry Shearer for sharing the history of this symbol of
the men who flew together that we might enjoy our great way of life. George was proud to be able to associate 
with and be numbered with this group of fine aviators.
                                     Photo Albums                                             
In the event the resolution will not provide the size photo you desire,
send me an e-mail and I will send a high resolution scan of the photo.
 Alan's Photos      Alaska      Cruises       Dotson-Proffitt      GD and VI early 
GD Family    James-Proffitt       Mission     Rushton      Stucki        Weddings     
We love the visits from friends and family. The photos from those visits will be recorded here.
Due to the method used by Shutterfly, I have decided to place the individual areas that we visited
in Peru, below. Each will be a link to the photos I took in each area. The amazon will be added at the
end of this group. Many of the photos only show the back of people, it seems that I was always lagging behind.
                                Cuzo                              Cuzco Qenqo                              Cuzco Sacsayhuaman                                    
                                Cuzco Tambomachay        Julicea                                       Julicea Sillustani Complex
                                Lake Titicaca                    Lima                                          Machu Picchu                                                 
                                Pisac Ollantaytambo          Pisac Parque                               Sacred Valley                                         
There are a few places and times that stand out, more than just the here and now or the way back when.
Some of the reasons are the awe of the place.
Some are just the wonderful people we have met.
Some are the company we shared the time with

Stucki Family                                                  Dad and Mother                                          Wood Family


                                      Rushton Family                                                Proffitt Family                                                 James Family                                                                                                                   
                        Jill                 Alan                                                     LeeAnne            Rick                                           Alan   LeeAnne

Shelley | Mike | Jeff | James

Matt | Caroline | Annie | Paul | David | Becky

Some of the links above are only in the dream stage. I will put in an effort to make each link active with at least one photo.
My intent was to place photos from the appropriate  time frame. That would be before LeeAnne and I were
married and after. I don't know how I'll make that work yet.