I would like to share with you a limited record.
I will let the record speak for itself.
My scanner will not record the whole size
of 10"X13 1/2" so I will do the best I can.
My latest endevour is to photograph each page and then show the entire page,
however the photos of the pages do not equal the scanned clarity. I will retain the 
scanned pages I have currently installed and for expediency finish with photos.
At some date in the futurs I will endevor to complete the scanning of the book.
please bear with me as I reproduce this record of the men of VBF-87.
GD and many of the men are gone, this is their story.



The last two pages are the left and right of the cover.
perhaps I will get to them.
Probably the saddest thing of all is that almost all of Dad's squadron mates are deceased.
This tribute to them is left to be seen by the family members who are searching diligently for 
some sign of thier father or grandfather or even great grandfather by now.
We owe a great debt to these fine men.
To be continued. That is under construction.