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Many of may not know that dad wrote a journal.
At various times we all tried to get him to put his life story down on paper.
The following pages are dad's actual journal and various writings he put down on paper.
When I talked to him about a life story/history he said to use his letters
to the editor, because that expressed where he was at various points of time.
And so I will start with his journal.
The next page is the last entry in his journal, and probably the last written statement
he was to make. The closest time frame I can surmise is 2010 while at the VA facility.
This next selection is from his flight log books. It appears to be a lesson plan for other pilot/students.
The next set of writings come from another log book as well as log pages. It is confusing as to the time element
of these writings in as much as there is some mention of inventory of materials that may have been when dad 
was in charge/responsible/overseeing the housing while at ISU. This was most likely the job he received
when he returned to the University after his active duty. One job was taken away and another was offered as a substitute.
Here is that paperwork as best as I can place in order.