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Here are the men we owe a debt of gratitude to.
As you scroll through the photos and flight book of George Wood, try to remember these are the men who flew , lived and died together.
I do not have names with all of the photos, nor do I have places. now all these
years later all I can do is say here they are,
hero's everyone.
If any who see these pages are able to put a name to the faces I would appreciate an e-mail.
Last Man Standing
The men of the '87th have met and surmounted many difficulties. Some gave their life for us, yet within this group a special bond was
formed. Although I was aware of my dad "GD" participating in reunions I never understood the traditions involved.
After the passing of dad I began to wade through the seemingly insurmountable mass of paperwork he has saved.
GD was awarded the DFC late, in the spring of 1992.
Here is the documentation of the "Last man Standing"
Movement of LMS Plaque.
1Mar'95 Jerry Shearer to Syd Trueman.
5 Aug'95 Jim Vernon to A.K. Mallgren
4Nov'95 Tony Mallgren to G.V. Peacock
18 Dec'95 G.V. Peacock to Robert L. Butcher
17 Feb'97 Bob Butcher to G. Revesz
19Jan'00 F.E.Jenkins to K.E. Garcelon
18Jul'00 Kennetg Garcelon to E.A. Trudell
As you can see the transfer and movement of the LMS plaque is recorded spotty at best. Due to Steve's passing
I do not have information as to the current monitor or the whereabouts of the plaque. This is an incomplete rendition
of the paperwork from GD's legacy.
As a footnote to the Monitor, Steven Wood, my brother passed on about 12 years ago. I do not have any updated information as to 
who took his place as the monitor. 
The following page is a poor reproduction to a splendid photograph. If anyone has a photo and would allow me to scan it, 
I will replace this with a proper photo.
Now a little more of where they went and what they did.
The Commander
"lest we forget"
Commander of VBF-87
Training Squad?
Before they know what they were in for!
This order may not be correct, but who cares? They were young and dedicated to preserve peace in the world.
That is what these few pages are dedicated to.
Top row
G. Firebaugh; R. Lindness; K. Klapproth; E. Falkouski; M. Hoffman
Front row
J. Quick; C. Dace; C. Kitkowski; GD. Wood
This photo was taken at Melbourne, Florida 
4 April 1944
As near as I am able to piece things together this time was for training in instrument flying.