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     This is a compilation of photos from Dad's photo file before he and Mother were married. Along with them will be his Flight Books and his Letters to the Editor. When talking to him about his life history his comment was the letters to the editor defined his life history.So much for personal stories and incidents from his life.
     There are a few instances when he let slip some of his personal experiences. One was concerning the most favorite Christmas remembered. When it was dad's turn he started with,"Oh, Hell. We never had Christmas. Mother and Dad did not have anything and what we received was donations from Lions Club of underwear or clothes."  What a sobering insight to how close we were to abject poverty. Dad made a remarkable leap from his humble beginnings. I will be forever grateful for his determination and hard work.
1941-11-06 thru 1944-03-31
1944-04 thru 1951-06-01
3rd flight book is included
in this section. 
June 1952 thru May 1956
then the 4th book takes over
1956-07 thru 1957-09
with trainer details
 Photo's  from trips
Dad and I made
Would you keep a leaf from flowers?
     This will be a place for Mothers life story and photo's from her early life. Mother has always shared with me her personal recollections and was very open and direct in her journal writings. Eventually her Journals will reside here for future insight into her life.
     One particular memory for me is grocery shopping with Mother. It would start with pouring over the newspaper ads and making a list of the best sales in each of the various stores. Then we would start on one side of town, shop that store and then on to the next. The only names I remember was OKAYS on Main Street and FRAZIER'S in Alameda. As a teenager of 14 some of mom's methods had an effect on me. One recollection was her looking at cake mixes in the box and commenting that they had gone up in price from ten cents to twelve cents and I was very conscious of snickers from ladies passing by and overhearing Mom. In the long run that experience has resulted in a mixed result or effect on me. I am both frugal and a spendthrift. Go figure.  
Mother's Letters to Dad
Letters Mother copied 
with Dad's reply in
sequential order
Mother's Photo Book