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The flight book starts on 6 June 1952 Dad records 25.2 hours flight time at Dallas, Texas for June and then continues.
This Flight Book is a later book. It evolves into flight instruction and other information. Eventually it contained notes about furniture and material
in apartments that I have to conclude must have been at the airbase in Pocatello.
Following this book will be the material Dad must have used when he was a flight instructor.
Now on to Korea.
HTL-5 is it the same as HTL-4 or is the photo dad had the type he flew.
At first blush the pilot looks somewhat like dad yet I cannot find that machine number in his flight log.
SNB-5 and the JRB-4 are essentially the same aircraft. (See log entry for Mar. 14-15, 1953.)
At one time when dad was asked about the photo below he could not recall ever flying in a jet. Proof otherwise.
This is the rest of the TV-1
Here is the news story of dad's second helicopter accident
The hometown newspaper did not have the on the spot photo.
The next two pages are the NAVAL AIRCRAFT FLIGHT CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM (condensed)
This consists of Conditions of flight;Then for Training, Purpose of flight and Type of training.
For non training (service) flights; and Combat flights.
And then tucked into a pocket of the back cover were two Pilots individual Accident and flying regulation Violation records.
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