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This page is dedicated to photos of dad and from dad's collection that I enjoy.
Some have stories behind them and others are just a depiction of moments in dad's life.
At any rate they are here for your enjoyment. If there are any of my siblings that would like to 
add a special note and/or story along with any photo please send me what you would like to add
and I will insert it at the top of these stories.  EMAIL  I will start this with not dad's youngest photo rather
one of my favorite. I recall the many hours spent playing Tripoley with Dad and the enjoyment
he received especially when he won. This photo was one such game.
There are a few other that I recall have stories attached. Some stories were not told in detail,by dad, when looking at the photo
but were a compilation of stories told over time. These are not in order just one's I like and remember or think are signifigent. 
This next photo I had not seen until late in dad's life. We were going through photos and he pointed this one out and said
"That was taken just before Grant died"
I was asked what falls it was they went over and I do not recall that I have ever heard. However I do know that this was a
defining time in dad's life. From mother I was told that dad cried like a baby when he came home. She said that he had tied a
rope around his waist and dove looking for him until he couldn't dive any more. It was late in the summer when his body
was discovered brought to the surface miles down stream. As I recall dad's comments were that they had put in the river
and had started to float when dad noticed that Grant was not wearing his life vest. As I recall dad said that they needed to
go back and get it, but Grant replied that, No if something happens, I'll just hang on to the raft. Then they heard the sound
of the falls. Dad said that he was close enough to paddle to shore but Grant was further out in the river, and was not able
to make it to shore. Grant went over the falls and never came up.  
I invite all my siblings to add what they have heard to this story.
Here is the photo.
Did all of these guys go or just dad and Grant?
From left to right, Wayne Bolsehweiller, Grant Williams, James Watts, Cryl Ghlan, George Wood
This next photo was taken just down from the Pebble Property.
This was where we would visit Sam and Tom Fredrigill. As a young man I would go with dad to the one room house
that Tom and Sam lived in. There was no electricity and no running water, unless you counted the spring by the side
of the house. Many a time I recall going outside to play. Tom and Sam's house had a wood/coal stove for cooking
and heat. I do not recall my last visit to their place. This was part of what was great about dad.
Ok  has everyone heard about the cabin dad and his friends built?
It was on the backside of Chink's Peak. That is the closest I can come to location. The photo that I have
is blurry. However it does have a hide tacked to the side. The story dad told was going up to the cabin and
shooting game for dinner. It turns out that the game they saw was porcupine. So after skinning it and cooking it
it was dark and they they were hungry. So they each tore off some and ate their fill. The next morning they looked
and found out that it was not fully cooked. Oh, well.
Now we jump forward a number of years. Dad and the family came down to California to pick me up after my first year
of active duty. These next two are from that time. The first is at Uncle Walt's place in LA.  He wasn't there and
dad went to where he was and brought him home. The first was taken in his front driveway.
The second photo was taken in Yosemite Park, on the way home.
The one above only had Don with dad but the next one has all but mom and Steve and I.
Does anyone remember being this young?