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This will be the start of the James Family history.
Grandma James was a Hirschi.
Here are links to the Hirschi family.
First the journals of David  Hirschi
Next the life story of Abe's father  Tom James  
If there are any who have a copy of these historiers in
an electronic form I would appreciate having a copy sent to me.  
The Photos that I have to date are located on the main page. At some point I plan on placing a link on these pages as well.
If there is any doubt this is under construction!
Here is an older copy of the James history.
Grandmother Hirschi
The date of this photo was not available.
Here are Ruth and Elaine at a young age.
Now we skip a number of years and have all of the girls.
Ruth, Maurine, Cleah and Elaine, 
in the front yard of the James family house
in Blackfoot, Idaho.
This is Don and Ruth James. again the year is not known.
This photo is obviously later. David Lystrup and Leslie Proffitt have been around for a while.