This is for Monty. I have a few copies of his artwork which I proudly display. The story Strike is as I received it.
I do not know if the copier was being difficult that day or if it is literary license. In any event
this is Monte's story. I have added color prints in lieu of the B&W copied prints with the story.
My gratitude for Mr. Sims who started this episode.
First there is a letter from the writer who published an awakening of memories from the last days of the war.
This article was published in the Salt Lake City "Deseret News"  on Friday,August 13, 1993.
A drawing by Monty and a photo were included in the article. The drawing "pilots Dawn" I have a copy of and
include it here. The other is a photo taken by Ravell Call of the Deseret News.
The other drawings will be included at the end of this page.
I would hope that Monty will approve of placing this portion of his memories within these pages.
He is a great man of honor and a true friend. Dad spoke of him often.
Drawings and watercolors by Monty.