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     I would like to place here a photo documentary of our times together. From our earliest dating years, to our visiting as separate famalies, to our eventual marriage and the times since.  
      In 2011 we were able to take a cruise (actually 2) to Europe and spend some time traveling from one place to another. When I figure it out I will add a link here 
     to some of the 3000+ photos I took.
Weekend visit to "OUR CABIN" at Thanksgiving Point, in Lehi, Utah.
     Now as to where it all started.
The following photos are from the various times in our life together.
This was taken at Mesa Falls during the time LeeAnne was at Ricks.
This was at LeeAnne's apartment Princess Row in Rexburg.
Another at school
Feb. 15, 1990
For some time LeeAnne has not liked having her picture taken.
This was just after Mike burned the clutch out in the car.
The Dalles, In Washington.