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    This is a page under construction for the George and Cleah Proffitt family. Any thoughts and or wants as to what you would like to see on this page would be appreciated. You can contact me via e-mail or phone me at 208-785-5617. Recently I came across some documentation that I would like to share.
This is the 14th of April 2019. Cleah returned home to her Heavenly Family on the 13th. My first thought was that Proffitt was probably
turning over in his grave saying, "Cleah why did you pick the 13th? You know that is an unlucky day."
LeeAnne thought she was more prepared for the event than she was. She was very emotional and had only her husband to share her 
grief with. For whatever reason the sister she was closest to had withdrawn her self from mom and LeeAnne.
Cleah had a few periods of ups and downs only to surprise us with her rebounding. This time I guess she was ready to travel on
to her devoted Proffitt. She never fully recovered from her broken leg. She was sure that she was walking everywhere.
And that she would drive to where she was staying each morning and return home each night. As with Proffitt her mind
failed her. When Don came to visit she could not recognize him at his age. She could point him out in the family photo,
but when Don mentioned that he had a brother Ve and a sister Maurine and that his last name was James,
Her response was "That was my last name too, we might be related!"
There were times when mom wanted to go home but when asked which home, she could not come up with where.
On one of our drives she commented on how tall the Palm trees were and then in the next breath,
said, " I can't believe how much Pocatello has grown."
I would guess that this comes first in line.
Actually there are a number of things that happened prior to this.
It is not that dad was later in this it is just that I do not have one from the eight grade for dad.
This is what I do have for dad.
It was after that date that mom graduated from High School.
There will be more to follow.