September Song
As I transfer the history of the men of the 87th I think it fitting to list who they are. In as much as this is listed under
September Song, that is the source for my initial information. GD had photos from through the years, some with names.
Any not listed in September Song will be from these other sources. In the event that I miss someone that you know
about please e-mail me the info. I will check it out for inclusion in these pages. 
"Charles F. Archer";"William W. Bateman";"Bob Butcher";"Harry Coon";"F.B. Craddock";"Clarence W. Curdy"
"Glen E. Doherty";"Kenneth Garcelon";"Vaughn E. Herbel";"W.E. Johnson";"W.J."Tex" Kazda";"Thomas C. Mackin"
"A. Keith Mallgren";"James Mantis";"John W. McNabb";"Keith E. Montague";"Edgar S. Morey";"Harry J. Mueller"
"John L. Payer";" Gerald V. Peacock";"Vernon L. Renninger";"George E. Revesz";"Jerry T. Shearer";"John R. Shumway"
"Gordon J. Stone";"Everett A. Trudell";"Sydney M. Trueman";"James W. Vernon";"Robert W. Wallace"
"John C. Washburn";"George D. Wood"
There are others that can not be left out.
CMDR Porter W. Maxwell;
CMDR Walter A. Haas
From the photo mosaic of the Bombing Fighting 87The following are not named above:
"V.P.O'Neil";"C.W. Gunnels";"W.L. Peterson";"D.H. Andrus";"P.G. Zimmerman";"F.E. Jenkins";"W.A. Miller";"G.W. Cowan"
"A.L. Cassidy";"G.F. Markham";"D.W. Mosier";"R.L. Rowe";"W. Grady";"G. Matlock";"W.V. Hemphill";"M.G. Wilson"
"B.D. Cain";"W.H. Hay";"W.B. Morgan";"H.K.Nelson";"H.E.Mechling";"J.W. Hoar";"E.W.Payne";"F.D. Sensenbach"
"J.T. Provost";"F. Woods";"T.G. Schaefer";"J.M.Beischael";"J.H. Bast";"W. Stanley";"E. Kalweit"
The statement above pales in comparison to the memorial from the 87th Air Group in Sept.1990.
Please take a moment with me to reflect and express gratitude for those gone.
We salute you!
And so the saga of theVBF-87th continues.