In the world after someone thought that the memories of the men of the Bombing-Fighting 87th should be preserved.
For that I am greatful, dad (GD) did not talk a lot about the war years. I am sure others have had nearly the same
response. We have a lot to thank Syd and Joyce Truman for. Here are the men of the 87th with links to their stories.
If there are any children or grandchildren who read these pages and find they have omitted recollections that have
been passed down from one of these great men, I would love to have it passed on to me and I will include it in these pages.
Click on the names on the cover of September Song III and read the stories that they have shared.
An addition at this point is needed. Monty was not in this edition of September Song.
When I came across the article in the "Deseret News" I knew I needed to add his name here with the rest of the squadron.
  Keith Montague (Monty)