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The Stucki has been very special for all of us that are involved.
I am sure that each of you have special times spent with members of the family.
For me it was always special to spend time with grandma and grandpa Stucki.
The most memorable thing was to kneel with them at the table for a blessing on the food, 
or perhaps it was for a start of the day. In any event I recall a number of times staying
with them and having the day start with a word of prayer kneeling at the table.
To this these pages are dedicated. I love my grandmother and grandfather Stucki.
These pages are likely to be under construction for some time.
I invite any who would like to share special memories or photos of
Grandma and grandpa to contact me.  e-mail 
A part of my memories of Grandpa and Grandma Stucki  Is not about them rather the cookie jar in the dining room. It was on the
hutch and contained the most delicious cookies. As a child I did not think about them or where they came from. I just enjoyed them.
Some years later I went looking for those cookies. I tried all of the different stores and types of cookies that I could find,
but with no luck. After a fruitless search, and I did find some with patterns in the cookie but they were too thick and too hard.
When all else fails ask. Dad used to have a slogan that he used in the insurance business. 
"Don't just wonder, Ask!"
Well finally I asked mom. To my consternation they were homemade. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that Grandma made them.
I asked mother if she knew the recipe, and wonders of all she did. It was some years later that a number of replicas of the cooker
were made. It was designed to be cooked on the stove top of the old cook stove. So I purchased one. As for the recipe there are a 
couple of versions. Clara Stucki used a mix of half butter and half margarine. In any event here is the recipe.
Swiss Pretzels
1 pound Butter
4 cups sugar
1 cup cream
6 eggs
Rind and juice of 1 Lemon
enough flour to make a stiff dough, about 2 sifters or 10 cups
Roll into balls about the size of Walnuts and bake in Pretzel Iron,
one ball per design.
Bake approximately 2 minutes per side.
On the back of the recipe card are instructions for the Iron.
Pretzel iron must be cured before using.
Wipe over iron with vegetable oil then bake in a 350 Degree oven
for 1 hour.
At some point I will scan the recipe card for those who would like the recipe in mother's handwriting.