This is a listing of web pages I have found which mentions elements of VBF-87.
Some of this material I will place in a file to use in the event the link is broken.
As always time has taken it's toll my father G.D. Wood is gone as are many of the others.
Yet the legacy they left behind remains. To that end these pages are dedicated.
First a web site with aircraft designations.
 US NAVY Designations 1939-1945
 Wikipedia list  
And so I start with my father.
Other men;
Their first Ship was the USS Randolph CV-15. The photos in dad's scrapbook list a later ship as the Randolph.
The ship shown is actually the Kearsarge from the Korean era. At any rate here is a link to the Randolph.
 USS Randolph  
It was on the Randolph that VBF-87 left Norfolk,Va and then to Trinidad and on through the Panama Canal
to the west Coast. Training on shore and then onto service on the Ticonderoga. It is interesting that
the Ticonderoga web pages acknowledge the VB-87 group but seem to overlook the VBF-87 group.
This next link is not VBF related but it is part of Dad's service
Where they went and when on the BIG T the  USS Ticonderoga .
Hellcat was produced by Grumman. The following is a link to a video by Grumman about the building of the F6F.
This link is to a training video for the F6F, enjoy.
Second link to training film.
OK, so all training films are not always about your equipment. Some are generic but still to be endured.
A marked event was the arrival of the 10,000 Hellcat.
Left to Right: LCDR Charles Ingalls; Grumman Tech Rep. Ralph Clark;
CDR Porter Maxwell, CO-VBF-87; CDR Everett L. Phadres, CAG-87
This is the machine that kept the men of the 87th alive and well, at least in most cases. As told in the Desert News story
GD returned alive and well with missing chunks and numerous holes.
Again all I can say is thank you to both the men and the machines.